How to polish leather shoes? Learn easy!

Just ask around to find out: shoes are a major part of our style. Besides, I usually say that you cannot have a good style with a bad pair of shoes.

Worse, we can have a nice pair of shoes and make him lose his beautiful if it is not well maintained. That’s why I made this article to explain how I take care of my shoes in just 5 minutes.


Here are the 5 steps to polish your shoes


1 – Put on wooden shoe trees

The purpose of the best shoe tree and stretch the shoes well to prevent them from retracting when they are not worn. It’s the key to keeping your shoes longer. Any pair of leather shoes must be stored on a shoe tree when it is not worn. When you are going to polish your pair, you can put them on after having the nourishing cream, as in the video. This is what I do in general, but is not “mandatory” to put them first. I find it more convenient to have shoes without shoe trees for cleaning. The most important thing is to follow the next step!


2 – Brushing your shoes

Before feeding and polishing, remove all dust and dirt from the shoe. This step is important not to spread and fix dirt on the leather. From time to time, you can also use a cleansing cream to remove old polish and splashes that could stick to the leather. If your laces are leather, it is not necessary to remove them because they love the shoe polish. But be careful not to get too dirty and wipe well to not soil your pants. If your laces are fabric, you must remove them.


3 – Pass a nourishing cream

This cream will be used to nourish the leather and give it suppleness. Apply this cream evenly on the shoe to cover the entire surface. You can use a cloth and even a small brush to reach the most hidden parts.


4 – Apply polish

The shoe polish waterproofs the shoes by closing the pores of the leather, and also gives a shiny and glossy appearance without drying the leather. 100% chemical products – such as small, ready-to-use polishing brushes – are not good for leather because they do not feed it like waxing with beeswax. So choose a best shoe polisher not to do more harm than good to your shoes. You can use a little welt-on brush to go into every corner of your shoe and make sure there is waxing everywhere!


5 – Polish!

This is the time to use cutting oil. You can first scrub with a rag to remove the excess polish and shine, and go in addition to a polishing brush to get a perfect shine and a sparkling pair!


Now, it’s your turn to play!

Author: goldensnake237